“You Can Observe a Lot Just by Watching” – Yogi Berra

Well, in our case more like listening.  While our blog updates have been just a teeny bit well…lacking, we have been hard at work improving our services.  Many thanks to all of our users and potential users who have offered up their input and guidance as we continue to strive to make Sales Temperature as useful and valuable as it can be.  We have been listening, and we are getting ready to roll out a number of new features.  We’ll follow up this post with a series of social media and blog updates to announce specific enhancements, but here are the top three highlights:

1) Launch of a weather impact calculator to determine the historic and forecast impact of weather on a retail location (sample below).


2) Creation of data co-ops to allow users to categorize their locations.  By utilizing co-ops, we can improve the accuracy of the forecasts for all of the co-op users.  We can also allow users to compare their historic and expected future performance versus other members of the co-op.  And don’t worry, we will always maintain strict adherence to data confidentiality among users.

3) Exposure of the Sales Temperature services through an API.  This will allow our users to integrate our services into their existing dashboards and applications.  Want to use our real-time forecast as an input to your scheduling app or quickly see the quantified impact of weather on your sales last week in your BI tool?  The API allows for these kinds of data exchanges and once they’re set up, updates occur automatically.

Check back soon for additional information on our exciting new features, and thank you again for all of the user input and guidance!  Please keep your thoughts and comments coming, we can always be reached at info@salestemperature.com or www.salestemperature.com.




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